We follow four main principles when we handle your case:

Our Client’s goals are our Objectives

We strive to design the appropriate strategy to maximize your chances of winning or attain your objectives. We make sure to understand each transaction as deeply as your business people, assisting and fully cooperating with them in structuring it.

In dispute matters, we get acquainted with and learn your case deeply and we address our analysis and advocacy skills to the commercial context of each case and your specific objectives and goals.


We staff cases leanly and always directly involve a partner to approve and streamline each step of the process.  We value brainstorming and team planning sessions, but we limit participation in those activities and control the schedule.  We do not overstaff meetings or attendance of your transactional businesses or litigation matters.


At the start of each engagement, we work closely with you to understand your transaction objectives or establish a case strategy, a work plan, and determine the appropriate team, with a view to providing the most valuable service to you.  We continuously communicate with you, schedule periodic meetings, phone conferences, and/or written reports and memoranda to meet your needs.  As the case develops, we ensure that you understand how your case is progressing and that you have sufficient input.  In litigation cases, there is no guaranty of any result; however, we believe that our collaborative approach and full commitment to your transactions and litigation or arbitration cases minimize surprises.


We are convinced that no one fights as harder and passionate as we do, within the objective and attainable goals of our clients.  That is why we focus on maintaining your credibility and ours, by designing appropriate strategies for your attainable goals.  We avoid over-the-top rhetoric, weak arguments, and tangential procedural issues to avoid distracting from your best arguments. We are concise and honest in our arguments and submissions, contracts and other documents that we prepare for you.

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