Our boutique is a small platform of the highest quality, efficiency and cost effective. Our strategic alliances with other law firms in Mexico and abroad provide us with access to adequate resources to handle any type and size of transactions or cases.

Our Team

Having worked on very large cases in the international firms where we have practiced, we rarely found the need for large teams of partners and associates. Partner expertise and commitment has proven to be more effective than associate and other staff headcount. In our law boutique we follow the practice that has worked well for our clients: full commitment of the partner in charge and involved associates, with absolute motivation and dedication to your case. We have the experience and expertise to staff your matters and cases effectively.

Additional Support

We have the means to ensure our ability to work on those cases that require a larger team than our current boutique structure. We have established formal arrangements with other firms in Mexico to use their associates on our cases as needed. We also have appropriate contacts with independent practitioners that allow us to supplement our resident team with qualified, committed lawyers whom we know and can supervise effectively, on a case by case basis. This strategy further supports our low operating and overhead costs for your benefit.


The nature and geographic scope of our practice has helped us to build relationships with excellent lawyers in Mexico and around the world. Through these professional friends our clients have access to critical local expertise and credibility wherever they need it. We have substantial relationships with firms in the United States, Europe and Latin America. Through all of this we have the experience and global perspective that the majority of our clients require.

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