Commercial and Business Litigation

Our Firm has extensive experience in handling all types of national and international commercial and business litigation. We have advised clients in proceedings outside Mexico, bringing a global perspective to our clients. Our strategic alliances allow us to design the appropriate strategies for our clients to succeed in complex litigation matters or facilitate their business objectives or settlement opportunities. We have handled all types of national and international disputes for our clients including joint ventures and strategic alliances, public and private construction works, mergers and acquisitions transactions disputes, shareholder actions, insolvency, workouts and restructuring litigation, single bank and syndicated credit facilities, structured finance disputes and derivatives. We also have experience involving cross-border litigation, with knowledge and experience of the American judicial system that facilitates our coordination with legal counsel of common law systems. We have handled discovery proceedings in aid of foreign proceedings as well, and the recognition and enforcement of international arbitration awards in Mexico.

Jose María Abascal is an assiduous lecturer in seminars and international arbitration conferences, and has many publications on current international arbitration topics, some of which you can find in the news section of our website.

National and International Workouts

Our boutique firm has extensive experience involving businesses restructurings and workouts, including prepackaged financial reorganization of Mexican companies, both in Mexico and in proceedings involving these companies in the United States in coordination with other U.S. firms. We have also have experience in concurso mercantil and bankruptcy proceedings and litigation.

Jose Maria Abascal currently presides over the Bankruptcy and Reorganization Committee of the Mexican Bar Association, and actively participated in the design and promulgation of Mexico’s current bankruptcy and reorganization law (Ley de Concursos Mercantiles). He actually authored the first draft of law for Congress to review and approve.

We have extensive experience advising both Mexican issuers and securities holders in initial public or private offerings and in consent solicitations and exchange offers involving workouts in Mexico and abroad in coordination with foreign law firms in the United States.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We have extensive experience in multi-million dollar mergers and acquisition transactions involving all types of businesses, including in the areas of cement, beverage, financial, petrochemicals, maritime, railroad and truck transportation, ports, auto parts, warehousing, commodities and manufacturing industries, among others. We have advised national and international companies in mergers and acquisitions transactions involving both private and publicly traded Mexican companies.

Our experience includes advising clients on responsibilities and duties of directors of Mexican companies, including litigation in connection with those matters.

General Corporate and Corporate Securities

The members of Abascal, Segovia & Asociados have advised clients in all types of joint ventures and strategic alliances of Mexican and Non-Mexican companies in all types of businesses, and to national and foreign investment bankers and issuers in private and public placement of securities by Mexican entities, including securitization transactions.

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